The brand
Il marchio STELLA BLANC è sinonimo di creatività e femminilità, frutto dell’esperienza, della passione e dell’amore per i dettagli.
Stella Blanc, scarpe, accessori, sposa, wedding, cerimonia, cocktail, made in italy
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The brand

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” (Marilyn Monroe)

Who we are

STELLA BLANC is synonymous of creativity and femininity, result of the experience, of passion and love for details, all at future brides services.
STELLA BLANC makes possible the tailoring of bride dresses and wedding/ceremony shoes, entirely MADE IN ITALY.

The craftsmanship of the entire production, processing by hand and exclusive materials allow us to make precious clothes and footwear.

Comfort is something essential, for this reason all our shoes are treated in detail to make the choice of our models a question of style without give up comfort.

STELLA BLANC shoes, through resellers, can be made by choosing among endless models and customizing them with different high heels, different colors (also with your own fabric) and with details of the own dress to have a unique pair shoes “MADE FOR YOU”.

Stella Blanc 2017

Made in Italy

All Stella Blanc production is strictly produced in Italy


We carefully select all materials to offer to our customers always the best


you can customize the shoes with different heel heights, different colors and materials and details of your dress


Stella Blanc shoes are designed with love and passion, made to impress and dress up your dreams